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Personal Injury Successes

Automobile Accident

A 72 year old woman was rear-ended by a Massachusetts State Trooper who was assigned to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. On her behalf we filed suit against the MTA as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since they are responsible for the actions of their employee, the trooper. The case went to trial in the Plymouth County Superior Court and the jury returned a favorable verdict, with interest, of 3.8 million dollars. The Wynn & Wynn team that handled this case was Paul F. Wynn and Catherine Douglas.

Automobile Accident

Our client, a 22 year old man, was a guest passenger in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated operator. The car left the road, struck a tree, and our client sustained a severe injury to his back and is partially disabled. After litigation brought by the firm, the insurer paid $900,000, notwithstanding an allegation that our client was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The Wynn & Wynn team that handled this case was John J. O’Day and Thomas J. Wynn.

Gun Explosion

An employee of the New Bedford Regional Landfill was to fire a gun containing a 37mm projectile. The projectile exploded in the gun blowing off part of the employee's hand. We successfully brought suit against the manufacturer and distributor of the projectile. The Bristol County Superior Court awarded damages in the amount of 1.8 million dollars. This case was handled by Paul F. Wynn.

Defective Porch Railing

Our 33 year old client was attending a social function on a friend’s porch. He leaned against the railing, which had rotted, and fell to the ground shattering his heel. After we brought suit, the matter was settled in the amount of $250,000. The case was handled by Paul F. Wynn.

Hospital Negligence

An 87 year old woman slipped and fell while a patient at a local hospital. As a result of the fall, she died 17 days later. Her adult daughter alleged that when her mother was admitted to the hospital, the hospital was instructed that she could not be left unattended and had trouble getting around on her own, but a nurse’s aid had left the elderly woman standing alone. The hospital denied the incident and our investigation of the hospital records revealed three different descriptions of how the accident occurred. After further investigation and extensive litigation, we settled the case in an amount in excess of $450,000. The Wynn and Wynn team that handled this case was Catherine M. Douglas, Paul F. Wynn and Thomas J. Wynn.

New Hampshire Death

We represented the Estate and the surviving husband and son of a 45 year old woman who was tragically killed in a bizarre motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of a supermarket. The defendant, a 70 year old retired school teacher, lost control of her car and ran over the mother and her son in the parking lot of a supermarket as they were transporting groceries from the store to their vehicle. The mother died as a result of injuries sustained and her son suffered substantial injuries to his liver and back. The defendant was insured for $1 million, and after extensive discovery and litigation, the insurer paid the full amount of its policy to settle the case. This case was handled by Paul F. Wynn.

Husband and Wife Accident

We represented a 65 year old husband and wife who were involved in an automobile accident on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. An oncoming vehicle crossed over the yellow line into our clients’ lane, causing a head-on collision. The husband died, and the wife, in the passenger seat, sustained serious personal injuries. The defendant’s vehicle only had a $300,000 liability policy. Our client’s vehicle also had a $300,000 underinsured liability policy, and their insurer set up a complicated legal argument claiming there would be no benefits available under their policy since the limits were identical. We commenced litigation and after significant effort, obtained the full policy limits from both insurers. This case was handled by Thomas J. Wynn.

Product Liability-Defective Fan

We represented a homeowner whose house was damaged as a result of an electrical fire. We alleged the fire was caused by a defective fan purchased in a local retail store, imported from China for sale in the United States. We engaged an expert who testified that the fan was defectively designed and constructed. The retailer’s insurance company also engaged an expert who provided a conflicting opinion. Our expert was persuasive and, after mediation, the firm settled the case in the amount of $105,000. This case was handled by Thomas J. Wynn.

House Explosion

We represented a man who, while visiting his mother, sustained serious personal injuries as a result of a propane gas explosion. The firm presented a case to the owner’s homeowner’s insurer alleging that the propane stove was improperly lit by a third person while the homeowner was on vacation in Europe. The homeowners insurer of the third party that lit the stove paid $225,000, and the carrier for the owner of the property paid $50,000 on an agency theory. This case was resolved to the satisfaction of our client with a payment in the amount of $275,000. This case was handled by Thomas J. Wynn.

Nursing Home Liability

We represented a 78 year old woman who was a resident of a nursing home owned and operated by a national operator. Our client's health was very poor and she was in considerable pain. Upon the request of family, a nurse administered Morphine and the woman died instantaneously in the presence of several family members. Our investigation proved the nursing staff administered 20 milligrams of Morphine instead of the prescribed 2 milligrams. The case was vigorously litigated by the firm and defended by the nursing home attorneys. After a full trial before an arbitrator, the firm obtained a judgment in the amount of $905,000. Thomas J. Wynn, Catherine M. Douglas and Richard Martone handled this case.

Animal Attack

A 13 year old boy, while visiting a neighborhood friend, was bitten by their dog on the tip of his nose. Reconstructive surgery was quite successful and our client was left with minimal scarring. The homeowner's insurer hotly contested liability and alleged that the boy had been teasing the dog. Discovery of the insurer's investigative claim file failed to support their position. The case was settled in the boy's favor in the amount of $160,000. Catherine M. Douglas handled this case.